Saturday, January 1, 2000

Characteristics of a Medical Technology Student

General Characteristics

These set of characteristics are present not only in the profession, but also to other allied health professions. If one must succeed in this particular profession, he must have:

1. Physical stamina – he/she must have the energy capacity to do tedious works because the work of a Medical Technology is tiresome and requires enough strength and stamina.
2. Good eye sight and normal color vision – someone must have a 20/20 vision as one will be engaged in viewing specimens under the microscope. One must clearly visualize the cellular structures and elements viewed microscopically and macroscopically.
3. Manual Dexterity – this involves multitasking and application of skills to multiple varieties of works.
4. Intellect – one must know how to apply the principles and knowledge learned theoretically in the lectures.
5. Aptitude for the biological sciences – the divisions of Medical Technology involves biological sciences, particularly hematology, histopathology, bacteriology, parasitology, mycology, virology, blood banking and even clinical microscopy.
6. Caring attitude – all health professions are entailed to give care to patients as one aims to promote the wellness of the sickly patient.
7. Communication Skills – one must know how to speak fluently and must ensure that their (sender) message is received by the receiver (patient).
8. Observant – he/she must be alert in his/her surroundings as dangers or accidents may happen. With it, a corrective action can be applied at a fast pace.
9. Motivated – as one works with interest, work will feel lighter.
10. Able to perform precise and accurate measurements and calculations – avoid doing mistakes as this will endanger the life of the patient. One must know how to double-check his/her results obtained to ensure accuracy and precision.
11. Organizational skills – a medical technologist can be a potential leader in the future, and having this skill will help him motivate and inspire others to work harder.

Specific Characteristics

There are also special characteristics found in a medical technologist. These attributes are basically and must be found in a medical technologist to call one as such:

1. Service Oriented – it is a fact that the profession is not really a materially rewarding one especially here in the Philippines, but the self satisfaction one feels of helping the doctor diagnose a disease and seeing the patient rise up from his bed is certainly beyond measure. Always extend your helping hand to all people.
2. Patience – this is a must have trait for all professionals. A medical technologist deals with people with an array of personalities, commonly the irritable ones like the sick and the children. A service with a sincere smile is a great help to the clientele
3. Honesty, Accuracy and Skills – these are critically important because a medical technologist deals with human lives. Any discrepancies with these specific traits will endanger the life of the patient. With practice and learning, one achieves these.
4. Dedication – this enables one to work devotedly and conscientiously in fulfilling duties and responsibilities. This also makes service a source of pride and pleasure. Be proud of your profession.
5. Emotional Maturity – this helps deal with other professionals harmoniously. With it, it avoids conflicts between the patient, doctor or other workers and the medical technologist. It also gives dignity and respect, and the feedback is that people will start to listen to you, becoming a good example of a professional.
6. “X” Factor – this refers to the appeal of the medical technologist to other people, the overall evaluation. This will makes one likeable not only as a professional, but as a total person.